Have Questions About Sending Your MojiGram? You’ve come to the right place.


When Will My Order Arrive?

Orders are fulfilled one business day after they are received and are shipped using USPS First Class Parcel, which usually arrives in 3-7 business days.

Please order accordingly; we have to work together to ensure a prompt arrival. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date due to USPS capabilities.


What Is A MojiGram?

A MojiGram is a 4mm thick corrugated plastic emoji (Think yard sign material) that arrives outside of a box in your recipients mail! 

Can I Buy Or Ship Outside Of The U.S.?

Not currently but if this is something you would want please let us know which country you would like to send one to!


How Can I Track My Order?

We will email you a tracking number when your order is fulfilled. Visit USPS.com to track your MojiGrams arrival, or ask your local Mail Person if they have seen any giant emojis recently. 


Whose Shipping Address Do I Enter At Checkout?

Unless you enjoy sending awesome surprise gifts to yourself, please be sure that the BILLING address is yours and the SHIPPING address is the intended recipient’s.


Whose Email Address Do I Enter At Checkout?

Don’t ruin the surprise! Enter YOUR email address at checkout so we don’t send your order confirmation and tracking number to the wrong person.  


Where Do I Enter The Message That I Want On My MojiGram?

When you get to the product page, type away. Say “Thank You”, “Happy Birthday”, “I Love You”, or practically anything in the text box provided. We will leave the poetry to you, though we do suggest keeping with the positive vibe that our Piñatagrams are sending out. (Piñatagrams reserves the right to refuse sending violent and threatening messages.)

Do MojiGrams get damaged during shipping?

These Emojis are tough, but we know sometimes stuff happens. In the rare event that there is damage to the MojiGram please email us a picture and we will take care of it.


Are EmojiGrams shipped inside boxes?

Heck No!